Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Munchkin Slept

Last night was a glorious return to normalcy, and Hubs and I hope it will be the routine rather than the exception.

We met Hub's dad in Gettysburg yesterday evening for dinner, and Munch fell asleep during the hour-long ride home. Of course waking up upon me putting the car into park. (It was ultimately good because he was so sweaty from his day and running around the Outlets.)

After bath and bottle, Hubs took him up to sway him to sleep. I received a text 25 minutes later that Munch was quiet but with eyes wide open. Arms were commencing to fall off. I went up to try my share, and Munch was asleep in about 20 minutes, so around 10:40pm.

First wakeup was right in line with Munch's routine--about 1:10am (the good thing about NBC's Olympics coverage is all-night programming, at least til 4:30am!). And, bless him, Munch let me lay him back in the crib! He cried out twice at 5am, but stopped, and then didn't cry full out until 6:15am. At which point he finished the night in our bed and woke up smiling, as did we.

Yay for Munch! Yay for solid sleep for all!

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