Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stroller Surfing

Munch was in rare form tonight. His obsession with pushing the stroller around Barnes & Noble continues. I guided him around for a while. Then, something new, he climbed up into the seat and sat on his knees, facing backward (so looking up at me at the reins), clearly wanting to be pushed around suchly.

I obliged, ready to pounce should he appear to be imminently slipping or falling. He loved it, rolling around, smiling at me and at everyone who noticed his great feat.

Then, he looked up at me with the glint in his eye. And he pushed himself from his knees to his feet. And the look in his eye was, "Well, just look what I can do. And just what are you going to say about this little development?"

I stopped the joyride. Pointed downward. Forced myself not to smile (hard! the stinker). And said, "We're not moving until you go down to your knees." We stared at one another for a few moments. Down he went. Off we went. Up he went. Stop. Repeat. Many times.

It's a boundary-push, one of his first. It was so cute! Everything he does delights me. But I guess that's why I'm the adult: To stop him from tumbling to the floor despite an extreme degree of cuteness.

Once Munch was content with kneeling again, he reached a new level of peek-a-boo playing: Mobile Boo. He hid his face in the back of the stroller and peeked. Then, he grabbed back at the piece of fabric hanging down and was absolutely tickled when I grabbed his hand through the cloth. His mind was blown!

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