Monday, July 30, 2012

Definitely Not in my Top 10

I finished Definitely Not Mr. Darcy on Friday night, a book that was too long for its own good and much better in concept than execution. I wish I had come up with the idea of a reality show based in 1812. I feel I could have written it better than the author; the writing had some weird tics that annoyed me throughout, and also there were some real holes in the story.

I also hated that the author constantly referred back to the 1995 A&E adaption of "Pride and Prejudice," a miniseries that did indeed inspire much swooning on my part as well. It was clear the author was basing her setting and the main hero's looks on this series.

And, as even my beloved Deanna Raybourn is wont to do, the heroine sometimes acted like an outraged female just for the sake of drama in the story. In the end, the heroine was annoyed she'd been lied to, but it was a product of the reality show, not the hero's personal failings. And the "I can do this all by myself" conclusion at the end felt forced and contrived.

So, it's a beachy read with not much substance. Three stars--so recommended, but not with raves.

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