Monday, July 16, 2012

Quiet, But Cranked: A Weekend at Home

This weekend, we had no plans, and it was glorious after a couple of busy weekends.

The Highlight:

·         Munch pushing the music button on his fridge toy to start the songs and his little toddle-dance quick step and huge smile. He did this over and over again. Hubs and I danced along.

The Good:

·         Friday night at Guapo’s—yummy pineapple and avocado tacos and a mango frozen margarita.
·         Not leaving the house once on Saturday.
·         Rainstorms on Sunday evening.
·         Munch blowing kisses at Grandma and Aunt Jenn on Skype. Also seeing puppy Scully on Skype!
·         The new Panera is open and awesome! Woot!
·         Reading quite a bit.
·         Watching Munch put his Fisher Price records into the basketball hoop.
·         Watching The Help finally and rocking Munch.
·         Cookie dough!
·         Munch taking off at his toys at a run while pushing his walker.

The What???

·         I think Munch isn’t feeling well. We believe his belly is the culprit. Loose stools (ew) for the past few days, a rumbly tummy. He looks pale. No fever, but I’m still concerned. Lots of cranking and wanting to be held and even rocked on Sunday. Totally not acting himself.
·         As a consequence, his sleep difficulties continue. All three nights, he was up every 2 hours or so. He doesn’t seem to be able to stay deeply asleep. And every morning, he was up before 8am. Mostly in a good mood, but still up. I am exhausted. And this has been the pattern for the past couple weeks, so I fear it will remain until whatever is going on eases.

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