Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Wrapup: Varied But Relaxed

A weekend on the homefront, which was needed by all.

The Highlight:
  • A wonderfully quiet Sunday with lots of tiny highlights: Munch turning his face up to me after I put him in his high chair, his eyes closed and his lips turned in a smile; Munch playing in the church nursery and chasing bubbles; and Munch nursing quietly to sleep last night for the first time in a very long time.
The Good:
  • Eating Nando's chicken on Friday night (although it was sticky and warm in the restaurant), complete with Portugese wine.
  • Going on an afternoon double date with Adam and Jamie to see the gloriously stupid Ted.
  • Playing "Where's Monkey?" in Munch's room, as I put the blanket over Monkey and Munch tore it off him.
  • Lots of Munch-style dancing, with his head bent to one shoulder.
  • Jersey Mike's on Saturday night.
  • Increasingly fun bathtimes, as Munch eats the bubbles despite my best efforts to stop him, throws the toys in himself, and says "bye-bye" to the water afterwards.
  • Panera on Sunday night, with Munch eating a good dinner, then walking around the thankfully empty room, and our walk around the neighborhood afterwards.
  • Reading a creepy, well-written thriller, despite that it did keep me up a little on Saturday night.
The What???
  • Feeling stressed over planning issues.
  • Feeling on edge during my first time in a movie theater since the CO shooting--but I made it through and that is good.
  • The same sleep problems (but hearing from Dr. H that all is normal and what we're doing is not going to damn Munch to a lifetime of sleep difficulties--this was good).
  • Still not cleaning up the house as much as we should.

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