Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sookie #3: A Man for All Seasons

I enjoyed Club Dead more than Living Dead in Dallas. Seeing that I didn’t enjoy season 2 of “True Blood” that much, I think #2 is just a weaker story. I enjoyed getting to meet Alcide and Russell Edgington, though I wish he was more of a baddie in the book like in the TV show. I also weirdly enjoyed reading about cold weather during the 100-degree heat.
A couple things that bothered me:
-- Everyone (well, most “supes”) wants Sookie. This is true in the show also. It’s a bit annoying. It makes her a little one-dimensional.
-- I was completely confused how she knew what Bill’s secret project was. Clearly, she looked at his computer program, but didn’t tell the reader what she found out. This seemed like deliberate withholding on the author’s part, and it was awkward. I felt like I was missing something when Sookie kept talking about how much she knew.
-- The biggie: Bill did rape her in this book. I understand that he was in a primal state and he didn’t realize what he was doing. But it was a very hard scene to read, as she thrashed around and tried to scream as he held his hand over her mouth. The reaction to what happened on Sookie’s and Bill’s part seemed very understated. Bill didn’t seem too horrified by what he’d done. But Sookie—not a few pages later, she was already yearning for him to have sex with her. That seemed so wrong. I don’t feel like I can look at book Bill the same way after this incident, and it troubles me that Sookie is so able to dismiss such a serious issue.

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