Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tube Out


Hubs and I took Munch to the ENT for his regular followup and to see if his left ear needed any fluid to be suctioned.
In fact, the left tube was out! It was still in his ear, but done functioning. Dr. G said he had to remove it.
This flashed me back to when I was about 5 years old and having my second set of tubes checked. My pediatrician thought one looked ready to come out; he pulled; and I felt the most searing, excruciating pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I can still feel it to this day. Conclusion: Tube not ready to come out.
So I asked Dr. G to confirm that it really was ready, and he assured me that it was. He had me hold Munch’s head to my chest and Hubbaland held his legs so he wouldn’t flail. Munch started crying right away, before anything was done, from the oppression.
The tube came out without incident—it was tiny, a little black ball of black plastic. (My tube was at least a half-inch long. 20+ years changes a lot!) We kept it, what a keepsake. Dr. G also pulled out a ball of wax that had accumulated around the nonfunctioning tube. His ear was clear of fluid and looked good. Munch got a Hot Wheels sticker for his trouble.
It’s likely that at the next appointment in 3 months, the right tube will be ready to come out. Dr. G said only time will tell if Munch is in the 20% of kids who need another set of tubes. I thought these would be in his ears for at least a year, not a mere 5 months, so I am bracing for another set. But hoping for a matured Eustachian tube that can drain all on its own!

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