Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weathering the Storm

I locked myself out of the car this afternoon. Luckily, I did so after I'd gotten Munch out and with my phone in my pocket. Hubs wasn't terribly thrilled at having to leave work, but them's the breaks.

It wouldn't have been nearly as big a deal if it didn't begin storming about 5 minutes after I slammed the door shut. Munch very much wanted to stand at the Escape's grill and touch the headlights, and he was less than thrilled at being huddled as close as possible to the front door under our meager awning. Here I am with a child with a cold stuck out in the torrential rain.

It must be a universal instinct to hold one's palms up when rain comes down. Munch held his little hand out to feel the droplets. And out in the parking lot, another little boy, probably 10 years old, did the same.

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