Friday, June 29, 2012

The Evolution of a Certified Walker

The Munch hasn't been practicing his walking very much the past week. He hasn't been sleeping very well, so I think he's been tired. However, when Hubbaland picked him up from day care yesterday, the 1's had combined with the 2's and the older kids were running around full tilt. And there was Munch, trying to keep up by walking on his knees.

Maybe this incident gave him a little motivation.

Because, last night, he had a practice session more intense than ever before. He again started at the same point each round (this time my MIL's legs), and took off. He immediately began turning his shoulders and swinging his arms around to turn himself in a circle. He walked in large circles and small circles, clockwise circles and I don't think he tried counterclockwise. Always leading with the shoulders and arms, so he looked like he was doing a little dance. He also would stop, turn around, change direction. Then, he'd drop to a crawl, return to the starting place, and go again.

He was much less unbalanced this time, more confident, I think, though his face still showed the fierce concentration and determination that characterizes his more complicated play. It won't be long now.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Advanced Peek-a-Boo

The Munch has been playing peek-a-boo for more than half of his young life. I still remember the first day he threw his tiny hands over his eyes and waited for me to ask, "Where's the baby?" And the, "Doesn't she know I'm right here?" expression when he removed them to my excited, "There he is!"

Well, peek-a-boo has evolved quite a bit. Now, Munch will put clothes (mine or his) over his entire face and then very slowly, very sneakily, lower the item just a smidge so that only his eyes show with the most mischevious glint. When I cry, "There he is!" the shirt flies right back up over his forehead, then inches down sneakily again. With a little chuckle and eventually a squeal of delight.

This morning (6:40am, at least better than yesterday's 5:40am), after dive-bombing off the end of the bed, Munch stood up, then down, then up, then down, hiding behind the mattress as I couldn't help but sleepily laugh and inquire just where the baby had got to.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I had the Munch to his 15 month appt yesterday morning. Highlights:
  • Weight: 21.6 lbs, 10-25th percentile. I talked to her about his size. She is not concerned. His chart and growth curve look completely normal. She said some kids have to be small to counter the kids who are at the top of the chart.
  • Height: 31.5 inches, 75th percentile. I think this was an accurate reading, as I watched it happen. He is a tall boy!
  • Food: She said, and I quote, "Calories are calories." I shouldn't be worried about him eating pizza or poptarts at this point, and I should just be glad that he also seems to round it out with vegetables. With all the milk he's getting, it's good protein there.
  • Lungs: Still hearing some squeaking. She said some kids just have reactive lung issues to viruses/colds, and Hubbaland and I should nebulize him once a day to the extent that we can. This is the issue I'm most concerned about.
  • Ears: Right is good, left continues to have fluid. The tube still looks like it has crusty things on it, so we're going back on the drops for a week. She said he may have to go to the ENT for it to be suctioned, and he's due in July to have a routine checkup with them anyway.
  • Got last DTAP until Kindergarten and last HIB ever!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Short on Sleep, But Together

The weekend was quite nice. Mainly quiet and relaxing.

The Highlight:
  • The Munch played in his little blowup pool outside on Sunday. The pool is very little, he can't even stretch out in it, but it does the job. He splashed and also climbed in and out and laid on his belly. He also had a great time on his slide again, climbing up and going down headfirst like a wet seal.

The Good:
  • The Munch was in a great mood most of the time. He played and laughed and woke up happy.
  • Lunch on Saturday at Seasons 52 with friends was wonderful.
  • I finally cleaned up the kitchen and Munch's toys and Swiftered the floors.
  • Watching "True Blood" and "Next Food Network Star" with Hubbaland is always a great way to end the weekend.

The What??
  • Munch is having a very rough time sleeping. Sunday night, he woke up literally every hour until I finally gave him Advil and brought him to sleep in our bed at 11:30. He slept well until he started tossing and turning around 4, and I put him back in his crib until the morning. He slept restlessly on Friday and Saturday as well, so consequently, I'm feeling drained. The culprit: Teeth? Right ear, which he keeps fiddling with? We may never know.

End of the Millenium

I'm a little late to the party, but I finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and therefore the Millenium Trilogy. I shall miss Lisbeth and her quirks and totally unique way of looking at the world.


The end leaves me feeling slightly empty, emotionally. I don't know if this may have to do with the fact that the book is from a Swedish author, and perhaps the international sensibilities are different from my preferences, or if it simply has to do with the fact that Stieg Larsson was a man. But I was quite uninterested in what happened with Niedermann and would much rather have spent the final pages watching Lisbeth reconnect with those who supported her throughout her problems: Armansky, Holger, even Erica, and, of course, Mikael Blomkvist.

I've read that there was at least a fourth book planned, and I'm rather devestated to hear that Larsson may have even planned to write 10 books in this series. How I wish he could have had the chance, because I think he would have really expanded on Lisbeth's emotional life. And, if this was his plan, then probably he didn't want to give everything in the third book. What a loss for his fans not to have the full picture of Lisbeth Salander, whom he clearly had envisioned in brilliant and vibrant colors.

And, call me a romantic or a melodramatic, but I desperately wanted Lisbeth and Blomkvist to rekindle their love affair. I wanted to see her "claim" him, and demand that he claim her in return.

Maybe that's what's fan fiction is for?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wheels on the Bus

This morning, after The Munch woke up at 8:30 (good morning, Saturday!), he was playing on the floor and he looked at Hubbaland and me and started turning each hand one hand over the other. He's never done this before; but I am positive he was doing "The Wheels on the Bus"! I have to ask day care if they sing this song!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Walk This Way

The Munch has officially walked! He has been walking here and there, a few steps at a time, especially when he plays peekaboo from behind his crib. He'll gleefully walk about 5 steps to me after he's revealed himself.

Last night at my MIL's, Munch stood up at my legs as I sat at the kitchen table, stabilized himself for a second, then zombie-lurched across the kitchen for about 8 steps. Upon reaching the mat beneath the sink, he dropped to his knees, crawled back to my legs, repeated. He did this about 5 or 6 times.

I always thought that when He Started Walking, it would be like a light switch flipping--one moment he crawled everywhere, the next, he walked. Not this baby, and it really shouldn't surprise me. After all, this is the child that remained wed to the "army crawl" for at least a month past when he had the ability to crawl. He simply felt he was more efficient pulling himself along like a seal and would rather not complicate things by involving his knees.

It seems to be the same with walking. And it seems that Munch enjoys practicing before really committing to something new. He clearly is trying to master this new skill, rather than run haphazardly into the new phase.

If given the choice, I suppose this is the better option. I would much rather Munch get his bearings, understand all that is expected of him, and then go after it with all his heart when he is ready. It's much better than him stumbling around the hardwood and breaking his nose. I've noticed that Munch observes things before really diving in--at day care, he'll watch the other kids at length.

Does this mean Hubbaland and I have a cautious kid? Maybe. On the whole, we're both cautious people, so it shouldn't shock us. However, when Munch learns something he likes, he's a daredevil. For instance, he now dives off the side of our bed, so you better be ready to catch his leg and lower him to the ground, Mission-Impossible style. He also lives for the Daddy Roller Coaster, when Hubbaland tosses him upward and lets him drop, arms safely beneath him of course, but in Munch's mind, allowing him to freefall to the floor, stopping his momentum just before the end. He loves twirling in my arms, giving himself over to the whirl.

Cautious? Maybe. Daredevil? Time will tell. But I know when he chooses something, he'll go after it full force, without apology, and enjoy the freefall.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mornings = The Best

I've never been a morning person. My internal clock, even from childhood, has always urged me to stay up late (1, 2am) and get up late (11, I'm lookin at you!). For years, I fought this about myself, believing it made me a slacker who didn't achieve as much as my counterparts who rose at 6 and had run 3 miles, cleaned the kitchen, and made a 4-course breakfast by 9.

But no, research shows that everyone is different. Some come alive at the crack of dawn; others of us function best when the stars are brightest.

My 15-month-old son--he's a morning person. (Not TOO much of one--luckily, he likes to sleep til 8 or 9). But when he pops up from his 11-hour snooze, he is AWAKE, bouncing, and usually bursting with smiles to greet the day.

Hubbaland and I, as we slog toward our workaday activities, dragging our feet and longing for our heads on our pillows, often comment that we could learn a lot from this little wonder who has breathed air for less than 2 years. He's pumped. He's ready. He's looking for the next great adventure. And he's perfectly content when that adventure leads to the same book over and over.