Friday, July 27, 2012

High-Pitched Scream

Well, I'm taking Munch to the doctor tomorrow morning to see if we can identify any physical symptom that could be causing his sleep difficulties.

We stayed the night at my MIL's last night after Hubs and I got back from Wolf Trap at 12 midnight. (Of course, Munch fell asleep on his own, on the couch next to his grandma around 9). Munch slept til 2:10; nursed; then actually allowed me to lay him back down in the pack n play. I counted this as a victory.

4:39am. Hubs and I are awoken by an ear-piercing scream. I grabbed up Munch and he settled, but then he kept arching his back and screaming periodically, even when I put him in bed with us, and then even when he nursed. We tried Advil. Of course, by 5:15, he was awake and pointing at the light switch and the doorknob.

So, I took him downstairs and sat with him while he played, watching the blue light of dawn grow brighter out the back patio door. It was quite peaceful, actually. Munch was in a very pleasant mood, and he alternated between sitting nicely on my lap and playing.

Around 6, he sat on my lap on the floor and played his "iPod" over and over and I think started lulling himself to sleep. I rocked him and sang "Angels From the Realms of Glory," kind of, of all things, and he fell asleep. I laid him up in the bed between Hubs and I and slept until 8.

Though I was tired today, I cherished the quiet pre-dawn time I shared with Munch. It was calming and peaceful.

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