Monday, July 23, 2012

Cold Outside, Cold Inside

Okay, “cold” might be a stretch. But the 70-degree, lack of humidity on Saturday certainly felt cold. And by “cold inside,” I mean inside my little Munch’s body. Boo.
The Highlight:

Dinner with my family at Fiddler’s Bar and Grill at Carlisle’s May Apple Golf Club. It was crazy good. The warm rolls with melted butter were amazing. I had a fabulous fried haddock with salad and fries (and a pina colada that I was less than impressed with; more of a shake than a drink). Hubs was quite impressed by his cheese steak sandwich. Reviews were good all around.

We sat outside despite a little dampness, and the patio was perfect for Munch. He ate his pouches, rusks, and fish, and then was able to walk around and push an empty chair to his heart’s content, without bothering anyone, as most people were eating inside. We had a lovely view of the course.
The Good: 
  • Spending non-scheduled time with my mom and sisters at Carlisle. They got to see Munch walking around for the first time, and he of course charmed them with his smiles.
  • Munch's 16-month birthday!
  • Nana and Munch sitting together and drinking their drinks (Diet Pepsi for her, bottle for him) as he got to punch the keys on her laptop.
  • Scully the puppy—such a sweetheart! Very well-behaved for a 9-week-old baby girl. Tina and I took a walk with her around the neighborhood and it was great seeing her little ears flopping.
  • Cupcakes (key lime) and Leo’s (chocolate malt)! And of course Long Johns.
  • Wonderful anniversary gifts, and Hubs loved his birthday gifts as well.
  • Munch pounding on Pooh’s belly when Nana taught him to “get Pooh’s belly!” He continued to do that the rest of the weekend.
  • Justin winning Food Network Star!
  • Munch’s mouth circled with pink frosting as he sampled his first real cupcake.
  • Particularly awesome cappuccino at B&N on Friday night.
  • The drive to Carlisle and back was nice with Hubs.
The What??? 
  • Throughout the weekend, I continued to be bothered by the Batman movie shooting in Colorado. Hard to just enjoy yourself when such a horror went on.
  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Munch refused to nap on Saturday, though he was so tired, then he had a very hard time going to sleep and staying asleep both that night and Sunday.
  • It doesn’t help that he now has a full-fledged, snot-flying-out-the-nose, chesty-cough cold. Poor him. I’m on alert for fevers and the need to head to the doctor.
  • No air conditioning. Luckily, it wasn’t 100 degrees. But it certainly didn’t help the sleep situation. What is with all the A/C problems people are having right now?
  • Though all the food was good, I’m feeling the hangover physically and mentally.

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