Monday, July 23, 2012

5 Things I Remember About the Hospital

In honor of the Munchkin's 16-month birthday:

1) Hubs and I were quite unhurried checking into the maternity ward, likely because it was a scheduled induction and I wasn't huffing and puffing with contractions in a wheelchair. But it was still striking--just like checking in for any other procedure. Only we would take home a new person when this was all over.

2) I slept almost not at all that night. We arrived at 6pm on a Sunday, I ate Chipotle that Hubs brought from across the street, and the nurse put in the gel to do its work overnight. It was pretty quiet for a while, and I remember thinking we must be the only ones on the ward. Then, the screams started through the wall, a reminder that this was not a place for rest, but labor.

3) It's a good thing I didn't have a baby heart monitor at homeduring my pregnancy. I watched the screen constantly, making sure that the line didn't go above or below the "normal" zone.

4) I was grateful when the night nurse who took care of me the first night came back as I was still lying there the second, as my labor was heating up. I didn't like the day nurse and I think my birth experience would have been much different if she was the one who helped deliver Munch.

5) Hope and excitement. And, of course, anxiety. I couldn't wait to meet the baby. And we'd come this far, and gotten so close, that I didn't want anything to go wrong. It took over 24 hours, but all was well and we had a beautiful baby boy at 2:32am on Tuesday.

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