Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Goals Check-in

Goal 1: As usual, my food goal has gotten lax as I hit Thursday and Friday. Mon-Wed I was very good about it. Thursday, Hubbaland and I went out to see the National Symphony Orchestra play music from "The Legend of Zelda," and we went to the Maplewood Grill beforehand. I had my first martini (peach with cranberry juice); and we split yummy crab and shrimp "poppers," a 4-cheese pesto pizza (tasty and oily of course), and steak with blue cheese. And of course finished it off with a trio of creme brulees. BUT there are still 2 days left til the new week.

Goal 2: I'm on track to be active 3 times this week; only need to do one more thing either tomorrow or probably Sunday.

Goal 3: Accomplished--I finished "Definitely Not Mr. Darcy" tonight.

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