Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekly Goals #4

I will be at Disney in 2 months' time. Get crackin, self!


-- Do it right for 1 week. That's it, just 1 week. Write it all down, don't go over Points. See what happens.
-- Weigh myself next Monday morning.


-- For goodness sake, do something. Take a walk with Munch 3 times this week.


-- Clean out my sock drawer and put away all of my and Munch's clothes. (I bet this conjures lovely images of my home! They are close to accurate, I assure you.)


  1. Status update: Day 1 on points, accomplished!

  2. Well, things degenerated since Monday. I have not been on points. But, there are 2 days left with no plans in the weekend, and I will still weigh myself Monday morning. That may be the thing that jars me!

    I took a 30 minute walk with Much on Tuesday, and that was good. Two more to go!

    No cleaning/clothes hanging as of yet. The weekend is young!

  3. Weekly Goals #4: Followup

    Food: It wasn't good, but I did weigh myself this morning. Looking for that to motivate me!

    Activity: Took a walk with Munch on Tuesday, and hit the gym(!) on Saturday. Wow! I'm still feeling sore, so I didn't do anything on Sunday (except sway Munch for 30+ minutes to sleep, I'm counting that!)

    Well-Being: Cleaned out my sock drawer and organized it, so now it closes and opens freely! Put away all my clothes in my room; need to finish laundry and put those clothes away, as well as Munch's clothes.