Thursday, August 23, 2012

Timing Is Everything

Ugh and blah and bleck. I am regretting basically every food choice I've made today. I'm so ticked and so frustrated with myself and disappointed. I can't get the food I've already eaten back. I have dinner ahead to go. It's halfway through the week and I haven't been great. And the weekend looms.

A big problem was not having a solid plan for lunch. So, I went to Whole Foods, which I love, but where I always overeat. Then, when I was feeling less than satisfied with the salad and chicken I got, I found tantalizing leftover pizza in my office breakroom, which I promptly ate.

Then, after I decided to estimate Points on everything and write it all down, discovering I had about 7 Points left for the rest of the day, I got an email that THE ICE CREAM CAKE IS MELTING for an office birthday celebration. Off to the 8th floor I went, and boy it was good. Now I'm definitely OVER Points for the day, before dinner.

Last night, I let myself go down a pizza-toast rabbit hole after dinner.

And I keep hearing in my mind, what is WRONG with me? I have specific goals that I WANT to achieve, and yet there goes my whatever-the-hell, will power, motivation, desire, WHATEVER at the mere suggestion of an ice cream cake.

(Really, the ice cream cake was good and could be termed "worth it." The pizza was also quite tasty; it's the chicken that I truly regret--greasy and rather tasteless, and yet, I ate it.)

In my weakest moments, I encountered pizza and ice cream today. And I gave in.

I know I need to "turn the corner" and show myself what I can do today to at least help (take a walk with Munch, not have dessert after dinner). But right now I feel WALLOW-Y. Whiny. All those nice W-y words: Weakly. Wimpy. God-forbid, weepy.

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