Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekly Goals #2: Lessons Learned

Food was not good and activity was nonexistent.

Challenge: When do working moms work out? While still getting to see their children and sleep?

While I didn't write down one thing I ate all week (not one thing), I didn't eat after dinner 5 days, which was a goal met.

I need to remember how much more settled I felt when I was writing things down. I didn't feel out of control or frantic over food.

Well-being: I felt very free not worrying about conversations I have no reason to know about. This was a nice little exercise for giving up some control--control of information. By not inviting every conversation into my life, I also didn't allow opinions that may not match my own to have power over my state of mind. I will keep this up. It was nice knowing that I just don't have to care about some things.

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