Friday, August 10, 2012

5 Things To Remember About my First Weight Loss

I'm in a place where I feel alternating states of hope and commitment and complete disillusion and depression over my apparent lack of getting my eating under control. I want to lose weight, I truly do. I just feel like it's a tall, impossible task that takes more energy than I have for it.

So, here are 5 things I need to remember from the time when I lost 100 (100!) pounds, starting at a much (MUCH!) higher weight.

1) Weight Watchers works. It does. When you follow the plan, you lose weight.

2) It took a whole, dedicated year to lose 100 pounds. It took 6 months to lose 70 pounds and another 6 months to lose the remaining 30. The remaining 30 is what I have to go, essentially, and those pounds will come off more slowly than my early weight.

3) I didn't work out at all until I was down to about 140. At all! And I lost weight. Not working out/being as active as I was before I got pregnant is not an excuse as to why my weight is not coming down. I know that it's healthy for me to be active, but that activity CAN come in the form of a nice walk with Munch.

4) I didn't eat chocolate for 3 months when I started Weight Watchers. Not a nibble! I understood my triggers then. Well, more than understood them, I avoided my triggers then. Now, I think I can manage them, and I don't think that is entirely accurate.

5) I wanted it more than anything back then. I made different choices--only eating out at Subway, going to meetings. I started Weight Watchers the first time before I ever kissed a boy or before I could ever shop in "normal" stores. Now, it's like I had it and I am impatient to get it back, but I'm not committed in the same way.

And now, a bonus 5 Things I need to accept in order to lose weight this time:

1) I must keep a food journal. Must. Especially if I don't go to meetings.

2) I will have to turn down things like a baguette or bagel from Panera or dessert or a dinner drink.

3) I am overweight. I am at risk for diabetes and heart disease, and I don't want these things to happen to me because I am a mother now.

4) I am Munch's greatest role model in all things, including food. If I want him to avoid the heartbreak of obesity, I must show him that it's good to eat healthfully.

5) It's not enough to want something. I have to take actions that will help me get it.

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