Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seeing Stars

Munch's newest obsession: Stars. As in, the shape.

One day last week, he was on the couch pointing and making his "do you see this?" little grunt noise (Uunh?) and it took me a second to realize he was pointing to a star on the border of the Red Wings afghan. This he has repeated several times a day.

He also found a star on a Macy's bag. (Uunh?)

So, I started singing Twinkle Twinkle instead of Wheels on the Bus, and he seemed to enjoy it. Twinkle is not nearly so varied as Wheels, so it gets a little boring for the singer, but what can you do? Munch seems to prefer it right now, as he made his "Wheels please" hand motion and then did a little frustrated wiggle when I started singing Wheels until I sang Twinkle instead.


When Munch was going through his bookshelf, he pointed to a board book he wanted to look at. I mistakenly took out two others and he remained focused on Olivia. He kept flipping the pages, then looking back at the spine. Why? Because of two black stars on the side. Heart, commence melting.

And I've remembered that this isn't his first fascination with stars. At Carlisle, my sister had hung a blue metal star on the wall, and various people held Munch up to touch it, and it made a little clanging sound against the plaster. Tina also had a clock that chimed every 15 minutes. Somehow, Munch associated with clock chiming with the star, and every it went, Munch pointed up to the star and went, Uunh?

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