Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 Good Things About This Last Week

In lieu of my weekend wrapup, since I'm 4 days out from it, and because it's been so stressful with a sick kid at home, I give you 5 Good Things:

1) Hot Dog. Not the food, but the song. Munch is totally into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse now. He loves the Hot Dog Song, and we watch it on YouTube when it's not on TV. He dances and smiles, and it's so cute. (However, I've had it in my head for the past 10 hours, and it's driving me a little mad.)

2) Hugs and hair rubs. Munch is way into my hair right now. He'll wrap his arms around my neck and take clumps of it gently in his hands, like he's making a ponytail. It feels so sweet. He also will rub his face in it and smile.

3) Spending more time than usual with Munch. Although he's been sick, he has thankfully not been TERRIBLY sick. It's been nice cuddling and being with him much more than during a usual week.

4) Last night's sleep. He was in the crib from 9:30-2:30, then back in the crib from 3-8. Unprecedented these past few months.

5) A quiet weekend with just us (again). We had another no-plans weekend, and it was glorious until the fever struck. We went to our normal Panera Sunday, and Munch was happy throughout the meal, looking at his new Halloween books. It rained on Saturday and I opened the curtains to a rainbow. Oh, and we bought a freaking iMac!

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