Monday, March 4, 2013

"Sipping" Coffee

Munch proved to me once again that he notices and learns from everything Hubs and I do.

We're Starbucks junkies--we LOVE our fun coffees, though for Hubs it's a fun chai latte, as he doesn't drink coffee. I love pretty much everything. We usually get Starbucks about twice a week, so Munch has seen a LOT of Starbucks cups. We've had to start getting him his own drink--tall tap water, no ice--or he goes nuts as we drink ours without him.

Last night, when Hubs was done with his drink, Munch took the empty cup and showed us what we look like--by bringing the cup to his lips and tossing his head back with a lightning-quick intake of air: He sipped. He did it over and over.

It's amazing how your kids are a mirror for you. There's nothing like it. And this is not something we ever tried to teach Munch, obviously--this is his interpretation born from witnessing hundreds of Starbucks encounters. And, to him, clearly we look obsessed and slightly manic.

That's about right.

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