Thursday, March 14, 2013

Marching On: Monthly Resoutions Progress

This month, I'm trying out setting New Month Resolutions in preparation for my son's 2-year pics, for which I would love to have lost 10lbs.

I've got about a month to go and 7.2lbs to go. It's doable, it is. And I'm losing--I'm down 14.4lbs since January. I'm working out like a fiend--last week was 6 days! I earned 48 activity points last week, which is UNHEARD OF for me. I know this number will go down as my weight does, unless my activity goes up, but I'm already maxing out my time as it is.

The issue is, I'm eating ALL my activity and many of my weekly points. Now, this is still leading to losses of about 1.8lbs a week. But if I could JUST not eat those extra points ... if I could JUST eat only my dailies ... I think I would be in EVEN BETTER shape. And lose a bit quicker.

From today to next Thursday, I really need to buckle down--that is because, next weekend is MUNCH'S 2ND BIRTHDAY and also my birthday. I already have food celebrations planned. So, likely, the week after is not going to be a loss. And then it's Easter, which I'm going to try to manage because, well, I'm not 7 years old anymore.

And then I've only got 2 weeks to the pictures!

I do not want to go backwards. I've worked very hard, especially through February and March, and I don't want to throw that hard work away after a few days of leniency. I also don't want to let my birthday pass without Dairy Queen.

With Hubs being on points as well, I think it'll help. He's much less likely to go hog-wild when he's keeping track. This will hopefully stop me from doing so!

I know it would be better if I tracked even on the "bad" days. I know it's unlikely I will do so. I just need to make my food choices with my eyes open to the consequences.

How do you handle celebrations? How do you get back on track if you allow yourself to go off your plans for a few days?

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