Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Ode to the Hubs

I'm a day late with the Listicles this week, but sometimes life happens. This is definitely one I didn't want to miss. I could write 100 reasons Why my Partner Is Awesome, but we'll keep it to the 10.

1. He has red hair. My whole life I'd wanted to be with a redhead. Done!

2. He dances with Munch. This falls under the umbrella of "He's a kind, loving, devoted father." Munch LOVES to dance with Daddy. When Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on, if Daddy's in the room, it is Daddy he's dancing with. Hubs also rough-houses (well, toddler-style) with his son, making me anticipate living room wrestling matches in Munch's tween years.

3. He does a crazy amount of housework. Hubs does 95% of the laundry, every single week. He cleans up the dishes after dinner. He cleans the cat litter 98% of the time. He shreds our address on every piece of mail. He does these things without any nagging--in fact, as far as the laundry, I deserve some nagging to help him out, or at least to put my own clothes away after he folds them!

4. He doesn't smoke or drink. Not that alcohol in moderation isn't okay for us adults. But I never have to worry that Hubs will over-imbibe when out with friends.

5. He makes me laugh, always has, still does.

6. He is self-described loyal to a fault. Coming from parents whose marriage was torn apart by infidelity, I have often said that I couldn't be married to anyone but Hubs. He is 100% trustworthy. He is who he is. He is not wishy-washy. He's confident in who he is, and he talks to me when he's feeling off about something.

7. He trusts me. In this techy age where everyone has multiple digital lives, Hubs doesn't sneak into my phone to read my texts. He believes I am where I say I am. He doesn't police me or dictate what I can or should do.

8. He lets me be quiet. I'm an introvert and I like to be quiet. I'm prone to worry, and I often crave time to just be still. He gives me that.

9. He's passionate about his interests. He'll stew for days about a sports team's loss. He loves video games. He reads. He loves movies. He introduced me to Dave Matthews Band.

10. He's a "live and let live" kind of guy. He rarely judges and doesn't hold grudges.

I could go on and on. Long and short--Hubs loves me, and I love him, and together we love our Munch. That's about all a person can ask for!


  1. He sounds like the perfect catch! It sounds like wonderful marriage. I mean, c'mon, he does the laundry!!! That there is solid proof of his awesomeness. :)