Monday, March 25, 2013

10 Things About Spring

I remembered another BIG item for last week's list about how great Hubs is, so I have to add it here, if you'll indulge me:

11. He went to every one of my prenatal visits. Early on in my pregnancy, when I told people Hubs went to my doctors visits, several of them said, "That'll change." "My husband went to my first two, then only when we got an ultrasound." And the like. But not Hubs--he was there whether it was for 15 minutes as I stepped on the scale, she measured my belly, and sent us on our way, or whether I was getting blood work after drinking the glucose, even once I started having to go once a week because of my high blood pressure. Hubs claimed Munch as equally his responsibility right from the first cell divisions.

NOW. On to my list about spring. This one may be tough for me because I don't LOVE spring. I'm more of a fall girl. That's why this is simply 10 things ABOUT spring, not 10 things I like/love about the season that this year seems to be staying locked in Mother Nature's bosom.

1. Spring contains my and Munch's birthdays. Just a few days ago, Munch turned 2 and I turned 33. I've always loved March because it was my birthday month, and now I love it double because it's the month that my son arrived.

2. My anxiety rises in spring. I don't have a good reason for this, but things have always felt less safe to me in spring. I know this is odd, coming off the season of ice and snow, but it's just how it's been. I don't know if it's because people are out and about more that it feels like there's more opportunity for something, like a car accident, to happen? It's weird, but I've learned to ride it out and not overanalyze it.
3. I love looking for robins. As Michigan's state bird, robins have always been special to me. Growing up, I learned that spring had officially arrived when you saw the first robin. I also vaguely recall that you're supposed to make a wish upon seeing the season's first robin? That may be incorrect, but wishing is always a good idea, in my opinion. I loved the orange-breasted birds, though. I just saw one a few days ago. Unfortunately, we now have several inches of snow, so who knows how he's doing.

4. I don't mind the rain. Warm spring rains feel like the Earth is waking up.

5. Spring is probably my least favorite season. Fall is #1, winter is fun for the holidays (though with snow coming back here at the end of March, I'm pretty done with that), and summer is SUMMER.

6. I dread switching out my clothes. Probably because I have very little storage space and have no real idea where all my off-season clothes end up. But it's an annoying task.

7. It's finally jacket or t-shirt weather. I hate wearing coats, and I've been rebelling for most of this disgustingly cold March. Usually, I'm not itching for warmer weather, but this year has been different, probably because Munch loves to walk and go to the playground, so we need some warm weather for that to happen.

8. I'm not too into pastels. Maybe another part of the reason I don't care for spring is the colors. I'm getting into teal, but really, darker teal. I'm much more attracted to dark purple than lavender, navy over robin's egg blue. And fall colors suit me better as well.

9. Walking weather. As referenced above, I love taking family walks when the weather is warm. Since summers are so humid here, spring is the season for really enjoying an evening walk.

10. Throwing open the windows. After months of being shut up in the house, getting nice breezes wafting through the rooms is a pleasure.


  1. I agree. I'm a fan of the Fall as well. But then again, I live in Southern California, so we really don't get seasons. Still, I love the light in the evenings and fresh flowers. Found you through the Listicles Linky.

    1. Thanks for reading! My husband would live in SoCal in a heartbeat, but I need the seasons. Or, at least I think I do, since I've never lived anywhere without them!

  2. He is a great man! Pastels are wrong on so many levels aren't they? Yet my new yellow sweater arrived today. I blame it on lack of coffee or something...