Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Heart Got Melty

This weekend, my little Munch was on the whole in a great mood--he went with the flow of a very busy weekend in which we moved in new bedroom furniture with very few meltdowns.

One meltdown involved the vacuum, which Munch LOVES, and which happened to be plugged in, so Munch kept turning it on and off, on and off. I'm less likely to stop such shenanigans, whereas Hubs is more practical and worries about things like a burnt-out vacuum motor. So, the vacuum was whisked away, and Munch stood in the middle of the room crying and saying "Vat-uum, vat-uum" over and over in the most heartbroken toddler voice you'll ever hear. A couple hours later, though, when Mommy was holding Munch up to the sink to brush his teeth, he looked at me earnestly in the mirror and said, "Vat-uum, bye-bye."

And the mommy inside me screamed, "NO, it's in my closet, not bye-bye, I'M LYING TO YOU."

Whilst the parent in me said, "Yep, vacuum went bye-bye."

Other melty moments:
  • Munch asked for his bottle by leaning forward and jutting out his neck a little bit and saying, with wide eyes, "Ba-ba. Bot-tle." Like, let me repeat this very slowly for you.
  • Munch discovered his old, baby-beloved exersaucer at my sister's house, where it now lives. The top of the exersaucer was on the floor, and Munch climbed right into the little seat and played with the jungle animals while alternately saying "Baby" and "'Uck" (stuck). He's been looking at a lot of pictures lately and I think he recognized that the baby we have 10,000 pictures of was often in the exersaucer.
Speaking of pictures ....
  • I finally took some pictures out of cardboard boxes and put them into clear plastic photo bins (it's an improvement). Munch noticed the picture on the end and said "Mommy." This is a picture of me in the hospital, asleep, the night before my labor with him was induced. Munch looked at me and said, "Mommy," put his finger to his lips and said, "Shhh. Nigh-nigh." (That's the first time he's ever shhh'd like that.)
And yes Munch, Mommy is nigh-nigh in that picture--right before her entire life transformed the moment she saw your little eyes.


  1. My theory? The vacuum went bye-bye. It just didn't go very far.

    Also? Super melty. I love these moments.

    1. As as my kid finds more words, I find myself having so many melty moments! Sigh.