Monday, February 11, 2013

My Ca-razy Kid

I don't know what was in the water this weekend, but my kid was in quite the state. He did some things that had Hubs and I both laughing raucously and also shaking our heads.

  • Goin after the boob. This is TMI, so skip this bullet if you'd like. I weaned Munch in mid-November. So, it's been nearly 3 months since he nursed. In all that time, he maybe twice held up a pillow in hopes of nursing. He's seen me topless plenty of times with barely a glance. Well, Friday night, I was changing into my PJs. Munch was standing across the room. As soon as my boobs were out, he focused on them with seriously a laser beam stare, popped his paci out of his mouth, and streaked across the room, like, "It is ON." Crazy. I covered myself quickly and kept myself covered for the rest of the weekend! I thought boob-memory would have been long relagated to the subconscious. Not so, it seems!
  • Vampire baby. In keeping with the "I'm going to act strange with Mommy" theme, Munch kept diving for my neck, mouth open, to take strands of my hair in his mouth and bite them. He did this over and over. Probably my maniacal laughter didn't go far to curb the behavior.
  • Interpretive dance. Munch loves dancing, from foot stomping to knee bobbing to being swung crazily up and down and all around by Daddy. This weekend, he started bobbing but also moving his arms up and down in like a wave move. Daddy and I of course mimicked and we all were quite the flower children.
  • Bath/dinner time. My child refuses to sit at a table and eat for me. I'm sure some mothers out there somehow force/coerce their toddlers to sit and eat. Our strategy for dinner over the weekend was to feed him Go-Gurts and Plum Pouches in his bath. It's clean! It's efficient! It's weird. The last thing I want is my son associating the bathroom or shower with food. But the thing I want most is for this lanky kid to EAT. I will choose to believe this association, along with others, will fade if established (see bullet 1).
There was more, like the lightning fast mood swings from gleeful to completely pissed, and the complete lovefest he showered on his new stuffed Clifford. Life wasn't dull at Casa Blank this weekend, that's for sure.

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