Friday, February 22, 2013

And Then He Was 23 Months Old!

One more month. One more month until my baby crosses what in my mind is the true threshold to toddlerdom. 

Oh yes, he's toddlier and toddlier every day--from saying that everything he can't see, like the vacuum or the kitties, is bye-bye to wanting to do things like walk and brush teeth and stand on chairs by himself to really, really hating to be told no. 

He's toddler everywhere but in my heart.

One more month until he's no longer 1. 

One more month until the world really doesn't care about months anymore, but years. 

One more month until the world will label him "terrible" but I will label him tenacious and tough.

One more month. One more step up the ladder of his life.

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