Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I had the Munch to his 15 month appt yesterday morning. Highlights:
  • Weight: 21.6 lbs, 10-25th percentile. I talked to her about his size. She is not concerned. His chart and growth curve look completely normal. She said some kids have to be small to counter the kids who are at the top of the chart.
  • Height: 31.5 inches, 75th percentile. I think this was an accurate reading, as I watched it happen. He is a tall boy!
  • Food: She said, and I quote, "Calories are calories." I shouldn't be worried about him eating pizza or poptarts at this point, and I should just be glad that he also seems to round it out with vegetables. With all the milk he's getting, it's good protein there.
  • Lungs: Still hearing some squeaking. She said some kids just have reactive lung issues to viruses/colds, and Hubbaland and I should nebulize him once a day to the extent that we can. This is the issue I'm most concerned about.
  • Ears: Right is good, left continues to have fluid. The tube still looks like it has crusty things on it, so we're going back on the drops for a week. She said he may have to go to the ENT for it to be suctioned, and he's due in July to have a routine checkup with them anyway.
  • Got last DTAP until Kindergarten and last HIB ever!

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