Monday, June 25, 2012

Short on Sleep, But Together

The weekend was quite nice. Mainly quiet and relaxing.

The Highlight:
  • The Munch played in his little blowup pool outside on Sunday. The pool is very little, he can't even stretch out in it, but it does the job. He splashed and also climbed in and out and laid on his belly. He also had a great time on his slide again, climbing up and going down headfirst like a wet seal.

The Good:
  • The Munch was in a great mood most of the time. He played and laughed and woke up happy.
  • Lunch on Saturday at Seasons 52 with friends was wonderful.
  • I finally cleaned up the kitchen and Munch's toys and Swiftered the floors.
  • Watching "True Blood" and "Next Food Network Star" with Hubbaland is always a great way to end the weekend.

The What??
  • Munch is having a very rough time sleeping. Sunday night, he woke up literally every hour until I finally gave him Advil and brought him to sleep in our bed at 11:30. He slept well until he started tossing and turning around 4, and I put him back in his crib until the morning. He slept restlessly on Friday and Saturday as well, so consequently, I'm feeling drained. The culprit: Teeth? Right ear, which he keeps fiddling with? We may never know.

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