Friday, June 29, 2012

The Evolution of a Certified Walker

The Munch hasn't been practicing his walking very much the past week. He hasn't been sleeping very well, so I think he's been tired. However, when Hubbaland picked him up from day care yesterday, the 1's had combined with the 2's and the older kids were running around full tilt. And there was Munch, trying to keep up by walking on his knees.

Maybe this incident gave him a little motivation.

Because, last night, he had a practice session more intense than ever before. He again started at the same point each round (this time my MIL's legs), and took off. He immediately began turning his shoulders and swinging his arms around to turn himself in a circle. He walked in large circles and small circles, clockwise circles and I don't think he tried counterclockwise. Always leading with the shoulders and arms, so he looked like he was doing a little dance. He also would stop, turn around, change direction. Then, he'd drop to a crawl, return to the starting place, and go again.

He was much less unbalanced this time, more confident, I think, though his face still showed the fierce concentration and determination that characterizes his more complicated play. It won't be long now.

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