Thursday, January 10, 2013

Resolution Update, Week 1

I really should be calling this something more like Health 365 or something pithy, but it is what it is.

The resolutions are going well. I'm feeling confident that I made (mostly) the right call in the number of days/week I'm doing something. My weeks start on Thursdays because that's when my Weight Watchers meeting is.

1. Blogging: This is my second blog post this week, so goal exceeded.

2. Work out 4 days a week. Did it! And it felt so great. I worked out both weekend days during Munch's nap; one weeknight my wonderful husband did bathtime on his own and I zipped over to the gym; and one weekday, I left work a bit early (and picked Munch up from day care a bit late) to work out at the gym at my office. I can already feel some results; I also can already tell that the weekend days are crucial. Fitting in a workout 2 days during the week doesn't seem that daunting, whereas 3 or 4 might.

3. Track food 5 days. Did it, and lost 4.6 pounds! Much of that would have been holiday water weight, but it's a success! I still need to reign in some of the eating, but did much better this week than in months.

4. Avoid chocolate. This one hasn't been difficult, but I haven't done it either--espeically when I remembered my favorite Luna bar (Chocolate-Dipped Coconut) has chocolate and it's my go-to breakfast. So I've had chocolate here and there, and it hasn't "triggered" eating. Might drop this one.

5. Read 15 mins a day. Doing it. Usually it's ONLY 15 minutes and those are done IMMEDIATELY before shutting my eyes at night. Not quality reading time, but reading time nonetheless. I do wish I'd assigned a number of days per week I have to do it; will reevaluate in February.

6. No Dish Left Behind. Thanks to my husband, doing it! It feels wonderful to come down to an empty sink each morning. This is a challenge, but I already made different choices this week because of it. Sticking with it!

7. Write 60 minutes. On Sunday, Munch had a particularly long nap, and I got all of my minutes in in one sitting. I wrote for another 60 minutes last night, and I'm keeping those in my back pocket to apply to this week if something crazy happens. However, it's felt awesome writing again, and I feel the "drive."

8. Try 2 new recipes/month. Did one last weekend--a brunch-ish casserole that was a hit. One more to go!

9. and 10. Twitter and iPhone. These were sort of tacked on resolutions and that's how I've reacted to them. I've been on Twitter less and have checked my phone less, especially at home, and that's really my main concern: Focusing on Munch in the evenings. So these will likely be "loose resolutions."

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