Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Munchkin Is 22 Months Old!

And only 2 months until he's 2!

All those 2s are appropriate--Munch has been practicing his "Terrible 2s" behavior! Lots of crying and screaming when he doesn't get his way. AND he's highly in tune to when Mommy and Daddy leave him. Distracting doesn't work so much right now. And he's getting three teeth at once, poor thing.

In honor of this month-birthday, here are 5 of my favorite things Munch does right now:

1) Sings. He has started singing the tune of some of his favorite songs. Some favorites: "yi-yi-oh" (Old MacDonald, e-i-e-i-o); parts of the ABCs; parts of Twinkle Twinkle; and, the highlight: the "la la la la la" part of Cobra Starship's "You Make Me Feel..."

2) Loves his friends--real and stuffed. He talks all the time about Co-Co, Arlee, and Jazzie from school, and he also loves to be surrounded by a growing band of stuffed animals. This stuffed love wins a special place in my heart because I was obsessed with stuffed animals as a kid and really, if I'm being honest, still am. His gang includes some old faves and new: Cow (pillow pal), Elfie, Monkey, Pooh, Puppy (from my grandma for Christmas), Dumbo (LOVES the huge ears and nose), Mouse (Steamboat Willie version of Mickey), Snoopy, and I'm trying to get him attached to Figment.

3) Asks to "ack": walk. He's just started this "ack" thing and pointing to the ground. Right now, he fakes you out that HE wants to walk when really he wants YOU to walk while carrying him. This is a short-lived transition step, I'm sure, and last Friday after Barnes & Noble, he walked holding my hand down the sidewalk almost all the way to the car.

4) Plays with my hair. Munch loves hair in general ("heee-ew"), but he especially loves to run his fingers through mine. He will lay drinking his bottle or going to sleep, fiddling with my hair. He sometimes likes when I have a "teee-ew" (tail--ponytail), but he most often will be like "No, no" until I let it fall to my shoulders.

5) Looks at pictures of the "baby." Which is of course himself. For many months, he's pointed out Daddy in pictures, then he included others, but now he's pointing to himself and saying "baby." I don't know if he realizes that the baby Mommy's holding in the picture is him (though I tell him so). But it's quite heart-warming either way.

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