Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolution Time

I love the start of a new year. I love fresh starts and the concept of a "clean slate." I strive for ongoing self-improvement, but I don't know--there's something grand about an empty calendar that gets me invigorated for change.

And, really, for me, resolutions are about the promise they hold. For me, the New Year is all about the possibility.

I therefore have 10 resolutions, some of which are meant to re-focus me on my health goals, others of which are to get me back in touch with the Girl I Used To Be, before I took on that all-consuming role, Mother. Or, at this stage, Mommy. Still others are meant to give me a quieter mind in the midst of this chaotic world. I'm sure I will fall short of some of these resolutions, but that's ok.

1. Write at least 1 blog post per week. Transitioning to a new, more demanding role at work and trading a laptop for a desktop caused my blogging to lapse in the past few months, and I want to remedy that.

2. Work out for 30 minutes 4 days a week. This is the resolution that feels most daunting to me. Time is required, full-on "me" time, and that is a precious commodity with a nearly 22-month-old running around.

3. Track food at least 5 days a week. The true goal is 7 days, and being on points, but this official wording gives me some wiggle room if needed.

4. Avoid chocolate except on pre-determined special occasions. I have to admit it--I can't have chocolate in moderation and stay on points. When I first joined Weight Watchers in 2001, I didn't touch chocolate for 3 months. I need to get back to that with this trigger food.

5. Read for at least 15 minutes a day. I love reading and it's sad that in my current life I have to resolve to do it; but it's something that if not made a priority can be pushed aside easily. I want to move through books a bit more quickly this year, and reading daily is the only way to do it.

6. Never leave a dish out overnight. Another challenging one, and one I will need my husband's help and support for. When my kitchen is a mess, my mind also feels cluttered. If we keep up with this daily, with each meal, it will not be impossible.

7. Write for 60 minutes a week. Not so long ago, I wrote a novel. The worth of these pages is as-yet undecided, but I wrote them. This novel needs significant reworking, but in the last couple years, I started another, and this story is one I think about--obsess as only a writer does--daily, hourly, minutely. I need to get this story out.

8. Try 2 new recipes a month. Part of my trouble with eating well is keeping meals interesting. This number is not overwhelming, yet will add variety to our table.

9. Only check Twitter in the mornings, after work, and before bed. As of now, I seem to check Twitter during every free second. Social media is a time suck, a procrastination aid, noise. I would like to cut this down to twice a day, but will start here.

10. Only check my phone/email once an hour. Along the same lines, when my phone buzzes, I jump on it. This leads to distraction during the work day and loss of focus during the precious time with my kid after work. I don't need to look at my phone constantly. It's a habit, and one I want to break.

That's it! What are your resolutions for 2013?


  1. These are all good resolutions! That is awesome that you wrote a novel! Good luck with the second one. I know what you mean about finding even 30 minutes to yourself for exercise. I'm going to have some lofty goals for myself after baby #2 gets here and I imagine carving out that time will be even harder!

    Everything you listed seems doable. Here's to 2013 being your best year yet!! :)

    1. Thanks, Kendra! Best of luck to you too, as you make yet another huge adjustment with a brand new baby! I know life itself is all about evolving, but parenthood seems to require a level beyond what I ever imagined!