Monday, August 12, 2013

What Beautiful Hair I Have

I'm not vain, not really. I'm usually the opposite of vain when it comes to physical attributes. But one thing I've always loved is my hair.

It's brown with reddish highlights, usually at least to my shoulders, shiny, soft, and, to my eye, gorgeous.

Once, a teacher in high school was demonstrating some tool, I have no idea what it was called, that measured things as tiny as a strand of hair and he used mine as an example and said, "You have very fine hair." So science backs me up. haha.
Here's a nice example of a good hair day (wasn't Nathaniel Hawthorne a hottie?)

As with most things, my hair has become even more beloved to me since becoming a mother, because Munch is a hair-toucher. He strokes his own hair when he's tired or relaxing, and he loves to stroke mine as well. I don't blame him!

This is not the post for negativity, but I'm sad to say that I am getting a LOT of grays. This devastates me. I've been getting noticeable grays since I was in my early 20s and they've multiplied exponentially in the past 2 years (did anything stressful happen to me in that time period? Hmmm...) I think it's genetic, though, because my maternal grandma was pure white in her 30s. EEK!

I'm trying to be a woman who embraces the change with dignity.

But I mostly fail, as I stand at the mirror and pick out gray after gray or take the opportunity at a red light to fish some out.

I only dyed my hair one time and let it grow out immediately.

I don't want to dye it because I love, as I said, the color and the texture, and dyeing changes both of those things.

But they're both changing naturally anyway.

What to do, what to do.

In the meantime, continue loving my God-given hair!

What gorgeous hair that bride has!

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  1. I love my squishy tummy where Baguette used to live before she was born (as I tell her). I know she loves it, too, because she's started patting it the way I pat hers.

    Also, yes, Hawthorne was quite the dreamboat when he was young! Later he looked like James Buchanan, and still later, Mark Twain. Or maybe Mark Twain later looked like Hawthorne.

    1. Yes, I was quite disappointed to see that Hawthorne didn't turn into Paul Newman or something.

      Love the squishy tummy! Munch blows raspberries on mine, and I always remind myself that would be much more difficult for him if I had a 6 pack.

  2. You do have beautiful hair! I'm so thrilled you are participating with me on this. I know sometimes it almost feels wrong to boast about yourself but I feel for the negative self-talkers it is so important. :)