Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Snapshot: Poppin Goldfish in Church

Last weekend, at my younger sister's ordination service, Munch surprised everyone and sat quietly for about a half hour at the start of the service. I think he was overwhelmed by the crowd, maybe, listening to music, and just getting his bearings.

By the sermon, which was given by a bishop, an older man with an intentionally bald head and white goatee, Munch had turned around on my lap and appeared to be listening attentively. He had a bag of Goldfish and kept popping them in his mouth and crunching down on them, just like he was eating popcorn in a movie theater.

The best part was, he kept turning around and whispering, "Papa." We may have seen a bishop; Munch saw a friendly grandfather entertaining a room.

I'm starting a new post series called "Snapshot" wherein I try to capture a memorable moment. So many things that happen in this life are moments, fleeting, but these are sometimes the most important times to remember.

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